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Jaw-Dropping Entertainment for Your Guests (and You) on Your Special Day

hire Curtis Strauss

Curtis entertains at weddings, doing astonishing close-up magic for guests during the cocktail and supper hours. 

Why hire Curtis for your special day? 

  • The perfect ice-breaker. Many people at a wedding only know the Bride or Groom. Curtis' magic provides an instant icebreaker and helps your guests feel comfortable. 

  • It keeps your guests entertained and occupied during the "lull" periods of the day.

  • Better pictures.  Your photographer can capture photos of your guests experiencing the magic, which will leave you with many pictures of your guests smiling and reacting.

  • Peace of mind. Knowing your guests are well looked after and enjoying themselves gives you greater peace of mind to enjoy your day. 


Walk-Around Magic

This is Curtis' most popular wedding service.  With small and simple props in his pockets, he entertains groups of guests by performing close-up magic right in front of their eyes.  This option is great during the cocktail and/or supper hours, while guests are mingling and waiting for the reception to start.  

Stand-Up Show

With a briefcase full of props Curtis will astonish you and your guests. Full of audience interaction and laughter, your guests become the stars of the show. This option is great entertainment for your guests during what can be an otherwise lull between the ceremony and reception. (20 to 60 minutes)

wedding entertainment curt is magic
wedding entertainment curtismagic magician
"Curtis was professional and extremely engaging. He was a huge hit at my wedding. My family is still talking about him. I will recommend him to everyone."
     - Ashlie, Bride
"Curtis was absolutely amazing at our wedding reception. He kept our guests entertained and blown away with his magic. Highly recommend Curtis for any type of event, he surpassed our expectations. We still have people telling us how great he was and how unique it was to have magic at our wedding!"     
- Mackenzie, Bride
"Curtis put on a phenomenal show for our wedding weekend. His humour, timing, and magic had everyone - both kids and adults - amazed and laughing. Highly recommend Curt is Magic to anyone."
- Matthew, Groom

what curtis brings

Jaw Dropping Magic
Curtis' sleight-of-hand is world class. His magic leaves people stunned, generating the kind of chatter that lasts for days or weeks on end.

No Hassle
Why fret over flaky entertainers? Curtis returns emails and phone calls promptly. He arrives early, brings and sets up his own equipment. This will be the easiest booking experience you’ve ever had.

Curtis has over a decade of experience performing for hundreds of audiences. No matter the conditions thrown at him, your guests will receive the polished, professional show that they deserve.

Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy
While many magicians take themselves seriously, Curtis invites the audience to laugh. Also importantly, his comedy is clean. Nobody is made fun of, and nobody gets offended.

but really, why should you hire a magician for your wedding

You want your special day to be amazing.  You want to look back and remember it as one of the best days of your life.  There are obviously many important things to plan in order to ensure that this happens.  Picking the perfect dress and the perfect venue alone takes a lot of time, however, many brides and grooms forget how important entertainment is.  In 2018 the bridal website Zola did a survey of over 750 brides asking them to look back at their wedding spending.  Many brides newlyweds admitted post-wedding that their party entertainment made much more of an impact on their celebration than other details. The reason for this is fairly simple - the entertainment can be overlooked even though it is often the thing that lifts the atmosphere of the event and helps make sure everyone has a great time.


There are lots of different options for entertainment - everything from a DJ to a photo booth and all points in between. But, one of the best options is to book is a close-up magician.  Now, this website may be biased, but here are five reasons why you should consider booking a magician to perform at your wedding. 

1. Avoid any awkward silences


The problem with weddings is that you have a lot of people who don't know each other coming together for the first time.  A lot of people in this situation can be very shy and once the obvious questions are asked they run out of things to say.  This becomes a bigger problem during the wedding reception.  You will never be able to organize table plans so that everyone knows each other.  Having a close-up magician can solve this problem almost immediately. A good close-up magician can go from table to table performing a mini show at each table.  It raises the entire atmosphere in the room as tables are clapping and cheering.  Watching a magician performing on a nearby table builds anticipation and gets the table excited for what they are about to experience. Magic also acts as a conversation starter or icebreaker. Once the magician leaves the table everyone instantly has something they can talk about. 


2. Keep guests entertained during the lulls


There are several moments during a wedding that there is little going on.  If you are not careful your guests can get bored which really has an impact on the day as a whole.  The two main times for this are during the photos after the ceremony and at the cocktail hour before the reception.  The problem with the photos is that it is just the immediate family that is involved.  Anyone else is standing around waiting for the wedding reception.  Having a magician during this lull period helps immensely.  Having a close-up magician mingling with your guests and keeping them entertained while they wait helps tremendously.  It turns a lull period into a memorable, they'll-be-talking-about-it-for-weeks-afterward period.  Likewise, there is usually one or two hours during the cocktail hour as guests mingle and basically wait for the wedding party to arrive.  Again having a magician during this period will keep everyone entertained and energized until the evening reception starts.  In both of these situations, close-up magic acts as not only a form of entertainment but also has a purpose that really has a positive impact on the running of the wedding celebrations.


3. Get photos that you will remember forever


If you are getting married you want to have the best photos ever.  That is after all why you have spent a small fortune on a professional wedding photographer.  A lot of couples ask the wedding photographer to walk around during the wedding reception and take pictures of guests having fun and smiling.  It's a great idea, however, when you point a camera at most people they tend to freeze or do some sort of weird forced smile.  Having a magician brings out the natural reactions, smiles, and emotions of people.  Most photographers will follow us around and take pictures of your guests as we perform.  That's the best way to get pictures of people who are smiling, obviously happy and enjoying themselves. You will have piles of memorable photos to cherish of your guests reacting in a variety of different ways.


4. Avoid being generic


Weddings have become very generic.  Most weddings are the same, in fact during the summer months if you have been invited to several weddings it's hard to remember one from the other.  But really, a wedding should be memorable should be remembered by all the guests for all the right reasons.  Having a close-up magician at your wedding is different and although more people are hiring magicians than ever before it is still in the minority rather than the majority.  Close-up magic is interactive and highly engaging for guests, which makes the day so very memorable in their minds.  Imagine the look on your guests' faces when a fork bends in their hands, sponge rabbits appear in their hands, and their borrowed ring teleports to a keychain.  All this is possible and more!  It basically means that your wedding will be remembered for a long time - for all the right reasons


5. Peace of mind


Knowing your guests are entertained and well looked after ultimately gives you greater peace of mind to relax and enjoy your special day.  Without having to worry about your guests, you can enjoy your own picture session more, and enjoy each special moment of your day to its fullest. 


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