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Interactive Magic for Exclusive Gatherings

hire Curtis Strauss

Hundreds of families & organizations trust Curtis to engage and entertain their guests during special occasions.


Impress your guests at a wedding reception, birthday, sweet 16, bar/bat mitzvah, family reunion, project graduation, fundraiser, or other exclusive event.

Walk-Around Magic

When a large group of people is mingling in smaller groups, it's time to let Curtis go strolling. With small and simple props in his pockets, he walks around and entertains groups of people by performing close-up magic right in front of their eyes. Using this approach all guests get a unique and personal experience with the magic. This type of performance also pairs well with a Stand-Up Show.

Saskatoon Magican Curt is Magic walk around magic

Stand-Up Show

With a briefcase full of props Curtis will astonish you and your guests. Full of audience interaction and laughter, your guests become the stars of the show. This option is perfect for after-dinner entertainment. (20 to 60 minutes)

Saskatoon Magican Curt is Magic stand up show
"I just wanted to say again how much we enjoyed your presence at my wife's 52nd birthday party a couple weekends back.  You are an excellent entertainer."
     - Jeff, Birthday Party
"Drop jaw, scream out loud ... you won't believe your eyes! Curtis woos the crowd with a subtle and inviting persona and you wonder whether he is legit or going to embarrass himself when he pulls off the most unbelievable illusion.  Whether working a small group around a table or a crowd in a theatre, Curtis is sure to impress and never disappoint."
     - Lloyd Letkeman, MB Mission Event

"When Curtis came to the Forest Grove Junior High Youth Group he was very skilled in his fantastic display of magic. Children and leaders alike were awed by the mastery of magic he projects in his shows. Curt truly is magic."
     - Zach, FGCC Event
Supremely engaging! That he seems as comfortable in front of 100 people as he is in front of 10, is a testament to his talent and diversity. Highly recommended.
- Colin, Private Event

what curtis brings

Jaw Dropping Magic
Curtis' sleight-of-hand is world class. His magic leaves people stunned, generating the kind of chatter that lasts for days or weeks on end.

No Hassle
Why fret over flaky entertainers? Curtis returns emails and phone calls promptly. He arrives early, brings and sets up his own equipment. This will be the easiest booking experience you’ve ever had.

Curtis has over a decade of experience performing for hundreds of audiences. No matter the conditions thrown at him, your guests will receive the polished, professional show that they deserve.

Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy
While many magicians take themselves seriously, Curtis invites the audience to laugh. Also importantly, his comedy is clean. Nobody is made fun of, and nobody gets offended.

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